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      —— 品質 · 創新 · 服務 ——





                During the epidemic, the lack of masks is the most important problem, which makes it impossible to purchase masks. Therefore, it is a global task to improve the production of mask machine. In order to improve the production of masks, the quality of the magnetic powder brake needed on the masks must be guaranteed, so as to ensure that the mask manufacturers produce high-quality masks.

            Magnetic powder brake is a new type of torque and tension control equipment. It uses the principle of hysteresis to produce a certain torque by controlling the input exciting current. There is a good linear relationship between the control current and the torque value. The hysteresis brake and clutch can provide smooth, stepless adjustable, speed independent torque control. In addition to bearings, the system has no other friction, stable and reliable, low noise, long service life and simple maintenance. It is commonly used for the effective adjustment and control of tension and torque of cable, paper, film, foil and other coils, and also for the control of bottle cap tightener.